Types of Follow-up Actions

These are the follow-up actions that a bot can perform depending on the selected operation

Follow-up action


Continue Bot

The bot will move to perform the next bot question

Exit Bot

For a pre-conversation bot the conversation will be routed to a destination queue for further agent care. For a bot activated by the agent during a conversation the conversation will be returned to the agent, for the post-conversation bot the conversation will return to the destination queue and be redirected to the agent, and for a child bot the bot will end and the process will return to the parent bot that activated it, that will continue to perform the same follow-up operation from which the vhild bot returned (On Success, Invalid Answer etc.)

Mark as Complete

The conversation is closed with Completed status

Cancel Activity

If the action was triggered after No Response, the conversation will be canceled with Customer Didn't Respond status, otherwise with Canceled status