Public posts on Facebook

Responding to public posts on Facebook

  • As a result of posting on a public page defined as a system channel (monitored by the system) a SimpleChat Conversation will be created in the system, and the name of the writer plus the text typed will be concatenated to the topic of the conversation.
  • Any further response to a post that has already been created in the system will be associated with that SimpleChat conversation. If the conversation is already closed, it will be reopened (this is different from other channels where if a conversation is closed a new one is created).

Note: Commenting on a post that already exists on the public page before the system was launched will not generate a SimpleChat conversation.

  • The post will be displayed at the top of the conversation and the responses to the post will be displayed in the order of the post, but replies to the response will be grouped directly under the response they relate to, and therefore not necessarily at the end of the list.
  • Under the main post, the amount of comments is displayed, and if new comments have been added, the amount of unread comments will be displayed, and it will be possible to scroll forwards and backwards to read them quickly without having to scroll through all the comments. New comments are displayed with a different background color

Facebook Post With Comments

  • The agent can click on the Facebook - Open Original Post social network icon displayed inside the main post to view the full post on the social network
  • Inside each post and each comment an agent is presented with buttons of possible actions that behave just like in the Facebook app:
    • Facebook - Like Like: The comment writer will receive an indication that the company liked his response

Clicking the button will indicate that a like was sent Facebook - Cancel Like and Likes Counter, clicking again will cancel the like that was sent. The total amount of likes received so far this displayed next to the button

    • Facebook - Reply Reply: A pane appears to respond to the response. The comment writer will receive an indication that the company responded to his response

The agent response (his answer) is displayed as any other response in the thread, according to the order of responses

    • Facebook - Hide Hide: The comment will be removed from the page but the customer will not see that his response has been removed

The hidden post will be displayed as dimmed to the agent, and the button name will be changed to Undo Hide

    • Facebook - Delete Delete: The post / comment will be removed from the page and the customer will see that their comment has been removed

The deleted post will be shown to the agent as strikethrough: like this

    • Facebook - Switch To Private Private: Create a private conversation with the post / comment writer as specified in the next section
  • Each review will also be recorded as a post in the conversation. On a post of a review only a Reply action is available