Initial contact by the customer

  • On the Web Chat channel, a chat bubble is displayed on the site, and when clicked, the conversation pane opens
  • The customer opens the conversation pane on the channel he or she is on (Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, Twitter, WhatsApp) or SMS and types a message or posts a public post on the Facebook wall of the organization
  • The system automatically identifies the calling customer (SMS by phone, other channels by profile ID)
  • When opening the window, the customer may already see a question with specific answers to select from (if a pre-conversation bot has been set to the channel). Note: The answers to choose from are displayed as clickable buttons within the correspondence
  • The customer types the desired text in the text box and presses ENTER or clicks the Send Button Send button

If an open conversation with this customer exists each additional message joins the open conversation, otherwise a new conversation is created

  • On Web Chat and on other supporting channels, such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, the customer receives confirmation of the message received by an agent (two blue V V)

Note: agent read the message confirmation is received when the agent opens the conversation pane, or if the agent is already viewing that same conversation

  • The customer can add emoji on Facebook and WhatsApp (depending on phone for SMS, not supported for Web Chat)
  • The customer can attach and send files (in Web Chat by clicking on the clipboard icon). The file will be added as a note to the conversation

Note: Each channel can be configured to allow attaching files or not, and you can specify at the system level which extensions are allowed or blocked. The customer will be presented with an error if he tries to attach a file to a blocked channel, with a prohibited extension, or if it exceeds the maximum size limit set in the system. In addition, the system performs an antivirus scan for every file transferred from the customer

  • In the Facebook Messenger channel the customers can also send their current location to the agent with a click of a button
  • When the agent types a message, a bubble appears with a typing indicator (...), except for the SMS channel.

The bubble with the indicator disappears after a few seconds if the agent has stopped typing

  • The customer sees the agent's message in the pane with a label displaying the agent's name, or any other defined text, before the agent's response. The time in which the message was sent is displayed below the message on Web Chat channel or when pointed to on Facebook
  • If the agent sends the customer a file, the customer can click on the link that will be displayed for him to download the file. Note: The file is saved on the server for a limited time only and will be deleted after 60 minutes.
  • Links in the text (by opening http, https, or mailto) are displayed inside the message as clickable links
  • Note: In the Web Chat channel, if the customer navigates to another page on the site, a closed SimpleChat bubble is displayed. If an agent sends a message, it will appear next to the bubble. A new conversation will begin only if the customer has closed all browser windows or the agent has closed the conversation