End of agent's shift

  • When an agent wants to temporarily stop receiving new conversations he can change his connection status to be On Break. In this situation he continues to be connected but no new conversation will be routed to him for further processing.
  • At the end of the shift, the agent will log off or close all browser windows, and as a result, the agent's status will become disconnected.
  • When an agent disconnects from the system in an orderly manner, the conversations in his care are returned to the work queue and from there are routed for further processing by other available agents. On the other hand, if the agent closes or refreshes the browser without first properly disconnecting, the system detects that the agent is temporarily disconnected and when reconnecting the open conversations in the agent's care that are not currently snoozing will be redisplayed to the agent in the SimpleChat panel.

Note: If an agent has invited more participants to the conversation before disconnected from the system in an orderly manner, the conversation will be routed to another available agent, but the other participants will not be disconnected from the conversation that is still active.

  • If a new message is received from the customer when the agent to whom the conversation was routed is already disconnected, the process of locating a free agent will be restarted in the same queue as the conversation. In other words, for a conversation that was routed to a team queue, the system will search for another agent on the team who is available to handle the conversation and route it to him. If the conversation was routed to a personal queue, the system will not find an available agent (because the queue is personal and the agent is not available), so the conversation will remain on hold. These conversations can be monitored on the dashboards as detailed ahead.

Clarification: The mechanism will not be activated if the agent is not disconnected. If the customer sent a message and the agent did not reply, the system assumes that the agent saw the message from the customer (that perhaps only wrote "thanks") and decided not to answer, assuming that the agent's discretion was exercised.

  • A manager can disconnect an agent who accidentally forgot to disconnect before completing his shift by deleting the agent's availability record. As a result of the agent will be removed from the list, this simulates an agent disconnecting from the system in an orderly manner.