Initiating a conversation

Initiating a proactive conversation with the customer

  • Outgoing conversations can be made on the various channels
  • When opening a new SimpleChat Conversation form, you must select the customer you want to contact and the channel you want. The system will only show channels that the customer has contacted in the past and have undergone an identification process (the contact is filled in the Conversation With field)
  • The Outgoing Conversation field on the form defines whether the conversation will be displayed in the SimpleChat panel to allow for continued correspondence with the customer, or only if the customer replies (for example, a one-time alert, which does not require continued conversation unless the customer replies)
  • To send the message to the customer, type the desired message or select it from a template.

Note: There are channels such as WhatsApp that allow you to send free text messages only as a reply to the customer's message. Contacting customers out of time range since the customer's last message requires using templates that were predefined in the channel, otherwise sending the message will fail. Use templates to ensure it gets delivered successfully

Note: Following a template selection on a channel such as WhatsApp where the templates are stored by the vendor and not in the system, the text field will be locked for editing until after the template is submitted. You can click the X button in the text box to deselect it