Agent response

  • The conversation pane displays all the correspondence that has been made so far, and new messages that have not yet been viewed by the agent are presented with a different background color to highlight them (In most channels they will be displayed at the end of the correspondence).
  • In addition to the current correspondence with the customer, the conversation pane also displays all previous correspondences with him, including all previous interactions with him in other channels such as email or phone, with dates showing the correspondence time and system messages detailing each created activity. Date Indicator
  • By clicking on any activity in the correspondence history, the system will open the activity form in CRM, to view its details.

The agent can also filter the correspondence history and activities displayed in the transcript to those regarding the same record to which the current conversation is linked, such as the same case, and by the current conversation channel, using Filter Transcript Toggle Buttons toggle buttons displayed at the top of the pane.

In addition the agent can search across the transcript using the search box and scroll through the matches found using the up and down buttons next to it. The system shows the amount of matches for the search words and colors the search words in the script:

Search Transcript

  • To send a response to the customer, the agent types the text to send to the customer in the text box at the bottom of the pane. As the text lengthens the box will grow automatically, and one can also press SHIFT + ENTER to force a line drop. When finished, the agent clicks on the Send Button Send button or presses ENTER to send the message.

As long as no content was typed in the text box instead of the Send Button Send button a Switch Channel button with the current conversation channel will is displayed:

Text Box With Switch Channel Button

Once text is typed in the text box, the Switch Channel button is replaced with the Send Button Send button and an X button appears in the text box to allows deleting its content:

Text Box With Send Button

  • Next to each message sent by the agent, the time of submission and the name of the agent are displayed (relevant if different agents handle the conversation over time). In addition, channels that support it will display for each outgoing message an indication of whether it was successfully sent V, whether it reached its destination VV and whether it was read by the customer VV.

Note: You can define in each channel whether the agent name is displayed and in what form. For example, you can set a permanent "agent" label to be displayed.

  • Instead of typing long messages that are often repeated the agent can select structured text from templates by pressing the Quick Action Button Quick Action button on the bottom menu or typing /q to quickly select a template and filter the templates displayed for selection by continuing to type the name of the desired template. A template can also be populated with related field values from the system, and it can also perform system operations by running a bot.

The template selection panel displays the templates grouped by different categories, with an indication next to each template whether it contains content to send Quick Action Indication - Content, a bot that will run at the time of sending Quick Action Indication - Bot or both. The agent can filter the templates displayed for selection in the panel from the search box. Following the selection of the template, it will be copied to the text box, and in addition a bot Bot Indication indication will appear if a bot will be triggered when it is sent. Clicking on the X that appears inside the text box will deselect it.

Note: The agent should refrain from sending questions while activating a bot from a template which sends the customer its own questions.

Note: The templates are associated with channels, in each channel only the templates associated with that channel are shown to the agent.

Note: Following a template selection on a channel such as WhatsApp where the templates are stored by the vendor and not in the system, the text field will be locked for editing until after the template is submitted. You can click the X button in the text box to deselect it:

Text Box With Quick Action Bot Indication

  • The agent can upload files to the conversation. Each attachment will be uploaded to an external server and displayed to the customer as a downloadable attachment.

To send a file, the agent can click the Attach File Indication Attach File button in the text box. An indication is displayed while the file is uploaded to the external server.

Attachments from the customer or agent are displayed in the comments of the conversation, from which one can open them for viewing. In addition, for an image file a thumbnail is shown in the conversation thread, video files will display a speaker icon and other files will display a clipboard icon (opening files is possible only through the note, not from the thread).

Technical note: Only a URL to the file according to which the CRM downloads the file is sent in a file message, and files uploaded to CRM are periodically deleted from the SimpleChat server. Thumbnail of an image is kept encoded in the message itself.

Note: Link text is not displayed to the agent in the incoming message bubble as a clickable link, but as plain text.

  • At the top of the conversation pane, details about the customer are displayed: the customer's name, analysis of the customer's sentiment according to the conversation, and the customer's connection status: available, unavailable or currently typing (animated three dots).

If there was a problem sending the message from the agent, a red X would appear below the message's bubble, indicating that the operation failed (e.g. if the customer closed the page where the chat window was presented). The conversation can be switched to another channel where the customer has been in contact with the call center in the past by selecting the desired channel from the drop-down menu opened from the Switch Channel button next to the text box:

Switch Channel Button

This button becomes the Send Button Send button once the agent starts typing.

  • The agent can also summon other participants to a conversation, snooze the conversation for a specified duration or route the conversation for further processing by another party, as explained in the Agent Work Process
  • Once the conversation is completed the agent will press the END button to close the conversation. The conversation will be removed from the SimpleChat panel, and will be routed for further processing by a post-conversation bot, if set, otherwise it will be permanently closed with a Completed

Once the conversation is closed, the conversation text is saved as an HTML file attached to the note. Note: In the online system configuration you can use the relevance search, which can also find records by the content of attachments.

Note: Saving the text as a file in a note at the end of the conversation is according to a system setting that can be changed.