Introduction to SimpleChat®

What is SimpleChat®?

SimpleChat® is an add-in product for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that extends the CRM capabilities for textual communication with the customer through instant messaging components such as SMS, Webchat on a public website, a personal portal or an application, social networks - Facebook wall / Twitter, Facebook messenger. The customer communicates via digital channels with a digital agent or with a chatbot, and the conversation is automatically recorded in the organizational CRM.

SimpleChat® allows, among other things:

  • Use CRM data to identify a customer
  • Chat bot with the client, with ability to set up an IVR based on all the information that is already accessible to the CRM agent
  • Chat Router to direct the customer to a suitable free agent
  • Automatically record the conversation between the customer and the agent
  • Transfer files directly to CRM, including by photographing documents from the mobile device
  • Managing multiple conversations at the same time by the agent, including a prominent indication of receiving new messages
  • Monitoring social networks on business pages
  • Personal response on Facebook Messenger
  • Outbound SMS messages, including marketing lists to locate the target audience
  • Built-in answer repository, call scripts, templates, and links to send
  • Built-in dashboards to monitor agent availability, load monitoring, and segmentation of received message types

And more…

The product gives tremendous value to customers in the digital age, lowers congestion at the center and maximizes customer service.

The advantages of using SimpleChat®

Advantages for the customer

  • Receive full service directly from your smartphone
  • Expand existing referral channels to the call center
  • Ability to manage the conversation in several channels, including the option to start in one channel and continue with another
  • Continuous service experience regardless of time and place
  • Expand capabilities and tools for self-service
  • Expand the availability of the call center

Advantages for the agent

  • Manage all correspondence in one place without having to switch between multiple systems
  • Manage multiple conversations at the same time
  • Simple and efficient file transfer within your organization
  • Expand communication capabilities with the customer - send outgoing SMS, receive incoming SMS, monitor Facebook pages, respond to posts in Facebook Messenger and in WhatsApp

The SimpleChat Panel