Conversation prioritizing

  • The system prioritizes between conversations and any other types of activities waiting for an available agent according to their due date, so that the more urgent conversations will be forwarded to an agent before less urgent conversations.
  • Each channel and each question can set a Time Until First Response (Seconds) field to determine the time required to answer the customer, and according to this field the due date is calculated, and set a Time Until Next Responses (Seconds) field to determine the time required to address the customer later on during the conversation. The due date is calculated when the conversation is routed to the agent, and is recalculated whenever the customer sends a new message, provided that the previous messages he sent were already viewed by the agent

Any other mechanism can be applied to fill the due date instead, such as according to the subject of the conversation or the importance of the customer.

  • The agent is presented with a clear indication when a conversation is about to exceed its due date – whenever a new message is received from the customer a yellow vertical bar is displayed to the side of the conversation card in the SimpleChat panel, a set time before the due date arrives the background color of the bar changes to orange, and if the target date has passed and the agent has not yet opened the activity, the bar's background color changes to red. The notification is canceled as soon as the agent opens the conversation form, because it's enough that the agent has seen the new messages, he does not have to answer, because the message from the customer may not require his or her response.
  • To prevent conversations from being delayed by one agent while another is available, the system is set up with how many conversations an agent can handle at once. Once the maximum number of conversations is routed to the agent, additional ones will not be diverted to him as long as he does not finish handling a conversation from his SimpleChat panel.
  • To make room in the SimpleChat panel for another conversation the agent can snooze a conversation or any other type of activity by selecting the Snooze Snooze command from a shortcut menu that is displayed when pointing to the activity in the SimpleChat panel (three dots appear). The activity will be removed from the SimpleChat panel for a specified duration, and will be redisplayed once this duration has elapsed, showing a Snooze snooze indication to signal that the activity has returned from being snoozed. The routing mechanism ignores conversations as long as they are snoozed, unless an additional message is received from the customer during this time, in which case the snooze is canceled and the activity is immediately displayed to the agent, ignoring agent capacity limits.
  • The SimpleChat panel will display each new conversation for a limited time with a different background color (greenish) and make a sound to attract the agent's attention, and in addition will display for each conversation the customer's sentiment indicator in the conversation: happy, neutral or sad smiley. These indications will also be used by the agent in deciding which conversation to address first. In addition, at the top of the selected conversation pane, a stopwatch is displayed that constantly counts the time of the conversation so far.