Switching to Messenger

Transition from a public conversation to a private conversation on Facebook Messenger

  • Reply to a public post posted by the customer on a Facebook wall of the organization is shown to the customer as a response to the public post
  • To switch to a private conversation, the agent must click on the Switch To Private Private button, which appears in the message of a public post from the customer

Note: Facebook allows private response to a public message within 24 hours. After 24 hours one message can be sent to a Facebook user, but if the user does not respond any further private messages to that user are going to be blocked by Facebook, the first response is sent but any further responses, so it is crucial to return to the customer within 24 hours.

  • The action creates a new SimpleChat conversation of type Facebook Messenger (private message to the author of the post), routes the private conversation to the agent's queue and displays it on his SimpleChat panel.

Note: If there is already an open private conversation with that profile, it will reopen

  • In the creation of a private conversation, a bot can activated that sends a Facebook client a request to send a location, waits for the customer to send the current location (the client's location is displayed in the agent's pane as a clickable link) and then for example retrieves the branches closest to the customer and sends the customer a list of nearby branches to choose from, sorted by distance, displaying the customers distance from each branch.

Note: A current customer location sent to an agent on the Facebook Messenger channel will be shown to an agent as a clickable link that opens up a map